Do not miss these 20 most hilarious comics of hagar the horrible

Hagar the Horrible is a classic comic strip that has entertained readers for over four decades. Created by Dik Browne in 1973, this Viking-themed series follows the misadventures of a burly and boisterous warrior named Hagar as he navigates the challenges of family, work, and leisure in a medieval world full of humor and satire. Whether you are a longtime fan or a curious newcomer, here are some of the most hilarious comics of Hagar the Horrible that you should not miss.

In this comic, Hagar faces the dreaded visit of the tax collector, who demands a hefty sum of gold from him as a tribute to the king. Hagar tries to negotiate, plead, and even bribe his way out of the taxman’s grasp, but to no avail. Eventually, he resorts to a clever trick that involves hiding his gold in a barrel of ale and pretending to be a drunkard who forgot his name and wealth. The taxman falls for the ruse and leaves Hagar alone, but not before getting a taste of the spiked ale and passing out. This comic is a classic example of Hagar’s wit, cunning, and love of ale, as well as his disdain for authority and bureaucracy.

20 most hilarious comics of hagar the horrible





















“The Battle of the Sexes”

In this comic, Hagar and his wife Helga engage in a playful but fierce competition to prove who is the better gender. Hagar boasts of his strength, courage, and hunting skills, while Helga counters with her cooking, cleaning, and multitasking abilities. The two try to outdo each other in various tasks, such as chopping wood, milking cows, and even jousting on pigs. However, neither of them can claim a clear victory, as they both realize that they need each other’s strengths and weaknesses to survive and thrive. This comic is a lighthearted but insightful commentary on gender roles, stereotypes, and relationships, as well as a showcase of Hagar and Helga’s love and respect for each other.

The Curse of the Hag

In this comic, Hagar and his crew encounter a mysterious old woman who claims to have the power to curse them with bad luck and misfortune. Hagar dismisses her as a superstitious fraud, but his men start to believe in her after a series of accidents and mishaps befall them. Hagar tries to reason with them and find a logical explanation for the events, but his efforts only make things worse. Eventually, he decides to confront the hag and prove her wrong, but he ends up falling into a pit and getting stuck. The hag appears and reveals that she was only testing their courage and humility, and that she has no real power to curse them. Hagar and his men laugh at their gullibility and thank the hag for teaching them a valuable lesson. This comic is a clever twist on the classic trope of the cursed object or person, as well as a reminder of the importance of skepticism, critical thinking, and humility.


Hagar the Horrible is a timeless comic strip that combines humor, history, and humanity in a unique and engaging way. These three comics are just a sample of the many hilarious and insightful stories that Hagar and his friends and foes have shared over the years. Whether you read them online, in a newspaper, or in a book, do not miss the chance to laugh, learn, and appreciate the genius of Dik Browne and his successors. Who knows, you may even discover a new favorite character or moment that will make you a fan for life.

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