Some funny comics of Hagar the horrible characters

 Some funny comics of Hagar the horrible characters

Hello and welcome to the funny comics , in this article we are gonna review the characters of hagar the horrible comics and will share some of their most funny jokes that are full of humor. As we know that Hagar  the horrible are only comics that are liked by the people of every age. The Artist Dik Browne created every thing so that every reader of any age can enjoy the funny cartoons of  hagar.


Every character of Hagar cartoons has its own place and its like no one  can fill the place except that character . If we talk about the wife of Hagar than Helga characters is full of humor and lessons nobody can take the place of Helga character.


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Funny Jokes

Lets talk about Luke Eddie , as in comics he is the friend of hagar and stay always with hagar , He is also full of humor character and no one take take the place of Luke Eddie . Luke Eddie never left hagar alone in any situation . That the real friendship should be.


Lets share some of comics 






Conclusion :

At the end we can say the this article explained the importance of characters of hagar the horrible . All the characters like helga Luke Eddie and snert is full of humor and funny jokes and no one can take place of these characters.

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