Most Loved Funny Comics of Pixie and Brutus

Most Loved Funny Comics of Pixie and Brutus

Are you looking for a good laugh. Than pixie and brutus the most famous
of the social media will make this possible. Most famous comics of cat
and dog
.The dog name is brutus and the cat name is pixie . Both characters are
full of cute , funny jokes and humor .


What is Pixie and Brutus?

If you’re a fan of comics, then you must have heard of Pet Foolery’s most
loved duo, Pixie and Brutus. Created by Ben Hed, this webcomic series features
the adventures of a tiny energetic kitten named Pixie and a retired military
working dog named Brutus. The two characters are complete opposites, but their
bond is unbreakable.



to Find Pixie and Brutus Comics

Pixie and Brutus first appeared in a one-shot for Pet Foolery, but the
overwhelming positive response from readers led to it becoming a standalone
feature. The webcomic series has gained so much popularity that it has amassed
over 2.5 million followers on Instagram alone.


Pixie and Brutus’ Most Loved Comics

Comic #1


Comic #2


Comic #3


Comic #4


Comic #5



In conclusion, Pixie and Brutus are a beloved duo in the world of webcomics,
and it’s easy to see why. Their unique bond and hilarious antics make them a
joy to read, and Ben Hed’s creativity keeps fans engaged. So, if you haven’t
already, be sure to check out this heartwarming and entertaining webcomic

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