Lets Share Hilarious Comics of Andy Capp

 Lets Share Hilarious Comics of Andy Capp

In this comic strips there are many characters created by Reg Smythe , these are also entertaining and beloved comic characters but the character andy capp and his wife flo comedy and funny jokes left permanent impression on the readers.

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The Creation of Andy Capp: An Iconic Character in Comics

The story of andy capp is interesting as the characters itself explains. This character is created by the artist from England Reg Smythe.He introduced andy capp character through newspaper.
The Humor of Andy Capp makes him funny
The main element of the andy capp that made these comics funny are the one liners that andy capp used in any situations. Andy love for leisure made the comics more humorous. He often find easy ways and that results into funny situations.

Andy’s Popularity and Global Reach

Andy capp is popular all over the world Because these comics are translated into many languages. Andy Capp interesting jokes and sharing humor made him famous on the social media platforms.


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In the world where everyone is busy and fed up there andy capp entertained many readers through the interesting humor. Through the attractive characters and the latest humorous jokes entertained every reader.SO if you are new readers than andy capp comics will made you permanent fan.

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