Lets have some entertainment with Andy Capp comics

 Lets have some entertainment with Andy Capp comics

In the world of comics , lets dive into the most popular comics of old age Andy Capp comics .Andy Capp comics have been entertaining readers for many years with related humor and funny jokes.In this article , we are going to sharing some most funny comics of andy capp for entertainment.
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Andy Capp comics created by British artist Reg Smythe in 1957.Andy Capp comprised of its humor while interaction with his wife flo. Cause of the popularity of andy capp comics is the dynamics between andy capp comics.

Andy Capp character Dynamics

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Andy Capp character is fully attracted always wearing a symbol round cap and have round nose .These both things adds more attraction to the comics. And Andy Capp wife flo have also almost same appearance . The humorous interaction between andy capp and his wife flo is the another cause of popularity of andy capp comics.

Real life Humor of Andy Capp

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Andy Capp comics are based on the real life comedy . Its related to the most real life situations and how to handle these situations with funny ways Andy Capp tells the lesson that always stay happy and spread happiness. Every day you will face new problems , face these problems happily.

Andy Capp Comics never expire

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Andy Capp comics are timeless because its about daily life activities and everybody like these because its related to their life as well. Old comics are still related to the situations of today. it has universal theme of relationships between humans.
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#Dead Skint

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#Sleeping on the sofa 
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#Play bass guitar

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In this world every day we face new difficulties andy capp comics provides us daily dose of humor.This comic strips entertaining comic readers from many years. SO , if you are depressed don’t forget to read the comics of andy capp .
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