Latest Comics of Andy Capp full of humor

 Latest Comics of Andy Capp full of humor

We Know that comics have been the source of entertainment from the old ages , And Today we will discuss one of the old age full of humor comics that are popular in this age known as “Andy Capp” Created in 1957 by British Artist Reg Smythe. In this Artist we are going to dive into the humor of Andy Capp Comics.

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Evolution of Andy Capp Comics

Andy Capp started in Uk from Writing in Newspaper . Andy Capp sense of humor is different than the other comic artist.Artist Reg Smythe hit the every day struggles in comics . With time the humor of Andy Capp attracts the readers with instinct humor.

The Unique humor of Andy Capp Comics

Andy capp is lovable characters with flat hat and often andy capp gets into trouble and in every trouble he showed different kind of humor to get away . The way humor expressed by andy capp comics attracts the readers.

Andy Capp Relationships

The heart of Andy Capp Comics is the relationship between andy capp and his wife Flo . Most of the andy capp jokes is with his wife that are the main source of entertainment for the readers. Andy Capp comics with neighbors and shopkeeper are also very famous.

Lets Share some of most popular and latest comics of Andy Capp

#Cut Fiber , Protein


#Really have to say


Andy capp comics provided happiness to the peoples of all over the world for more than 50 years.The comics and funny characters of andy capp attracts the peoples and amazing humor of these comics made the reader permanent fan of the lastest humor of andy capp.

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