Funny Comics of Hagar the Horrible that can make you happy

Funny Comics of Hagar the Horrible that can make you happy

Funny Comics of Hagar the Horrible are the comics that can make you happy and humorousHagar is the vieking character in hagar cartoon who one liner jokes made the comics popular between the peoples of every age.Hagar comics are not only funny , it is full of humor and funny jokes.


In the Funny Comics of hagar the horrible there are many famous characters that made the hagar popular . The Wife of Hagar Helga and the daughter and the son of hagar who animated the comics.We will cover the characters of hagar in the next articles. Hagar Comics are the comics of 19s but still now it is liked by many peoples because of humorous attaraction of the comics .

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Funny Jokes

#Help Help 
#Iceland and Green Land
#Helga any Snacks
#You didn’t replace the window
#Don’t make me drool
#Brain Power
#Important Announcement

Conclusion :

Hagar the horrible are most funny comics of past as well as present era . Its Humor is on the another level that every person of any age can understand the funny jokes of these cartoons. Even the artists of todays gets the inspiration from the artict of hagar comics.

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