Andy Capp Your Daily Dose of Laughter and Entertainment

 Andy Capp: Your Daily Dose of Laughter and Entertainment!

In the world of comic strips , there are few comics characters that left permanent impression on the on the comics lovers that is Andy Capp created by Reg Smythe in 1957.Andy Capp is the most famous source of entertainment and laughter in the world of comic strips.

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The Flat Cap of Andy Capp

In the all comics of andy capp , andy capp wearing a signature cap and always have newspaper in his hands. These visual cues the cap and the newspaper become the indentity of Andy Capp character.

The Humor of Andy Capp

Andy Capp comics consists of wit , humor and the comedy plus the laziness of andy capp character. Interaction between andy capp and his wife flo is the one of  the major cause of popularity of andy capp comics.

Why Andy Capp comics are unforgettable

Andy Capp comics are unforgettable because the character look is interacting and jokes are full of humor that attracts the reader of all ages. The combination of attractive characters , humor and comedy made the Andy Capp comics made the integral part of humor.




Andy Capp comics are the favorite comics of readers , its the daily dose of laughter and entertainment for the peoples of all ages.Andy Capp character and the jokes of Andy Capp are the favorite comics online.

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