Andy Capp is the universal icon for humor and jokes

 Andy Capp is the universal icon for humor and jokes

Humor is the only language that crossed the borders with the laughter .The artist of andy capp comics is Reg Smythe who started andy capp comics in 1957.Andy Capp become most popular due to the personality and unique sense of humor. Andy capp are the old age comics but in digital it is also most popular comics that peoples of new generation liked it most.

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Andy Capp: A Universal Icon for Humor

When the Andy Capp comics appeared first time into the newspaper. Its creation and is very simple , easy to understand and full of humor. It attracts the readers with the unique appearance of characters and the humor related to real life of every person. Andy Capp is a single panel comics full of punchlines.

The Wit and Wisdom of Andy Capp

What makes the andy capp different from the other characters is the unqiue look of andy capp with the flat hat and round long does with the lot of with and wisdom.Through this character cartoonist showed the real life and ups and down of relationships with the blend of humor.

Impact of Andy Capp Comics in Modern Times

Andy Capp are the comics of 19s but when the technology come andy capp starting growing more as compared to old ages. Nowadays andy capp comics are available on different website on google and also all the social media platforms like facebook and pinterest.




Andy Capp become popular from the local newspapers to global world from newspaper and  the internet .Andy capp is the icon to humor and laughter whose comics is full of funny jokes.Andy Comics not only entertain the peoples but also teaches many lessons.
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